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Working together with students, parents, educators, ​and the community to build strong, confident readers.  ​


Contact Me:

Tiffany Flanders

 Phone/text - (801) 520-8466

E-mail -

Bachelor's Degree in Special Education Studies

Dyslexia Therapist (CALT) Certification in progress

M. Ed. in Multisensory Structured Language Education in Progress


Dyslexia therapy will be administered using a program called Take Flight.  This is an Orton Gillingham based curriculum that contains the five components of effective reading instruction which includes phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension. This program teaches these five components directly, explicitly and systematically.  Students gain an awareness of the sounds of language, letter-sound associations, vocabulary and strategies for understanding written language. With guided, repeated practice the child learns to apply what they have learned efficiently in all reading situations. 

Dyslexic readers are not the only students that struggle with reading and struggling readers don't always have dyslexia.  

I also offer support with phonological intervention, fluency, and comprehension.  Just click on the "other reading support services tab" at the top of this page and it will take you to a page that has all the details about other reading supports that I offer.  

I want Dyslexia therapy and other reading support to be affordable to all, no matter their economic status.  Please click the button above to see how I do my pricing. 

You will also find information on what to expect before the first session of tutoring. 

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