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Take Flight Dyslexia Therapy Pricing:

While I am in the process of certifying as a dyslexia therapist I will keep my rates very low. I will work on a sliding scale.  This means that if you cannot afford to pay my regular rate for therapy (my rates are less than 1/2 of what my research has shown dyslexia therapists to charge) then we will come up with pricing that allows you to meet your financial obligations and ensures that your student receives the dyslexia therapy that they need.  I am required to work with students using the Take Flight program for a total of 700 hours to earn my practicum credits, which qualifies me for certification. During this time I will consult regularly with a C.A.L.T (Certified Academic Language Therapist) instructor who has many years of experience implementing Take Flight with dyslexic students both in school settings and private practice. Before I make any decisions on your students treatment I will consult with my instructor first to ensure that my instruction aligns with her expertise and experience. If you would like to contact her for verification of my qualifications and the program just ask me for her contact information and I will be happy to provide it.


Other Reading Support Pricing:

I want reading support to be available to all students who need it despite their economic circumstance so I will do my pricing on a sliding scale.  This means that if you cannot afford to pay my regular rates we will come up with a price that will allow you to meet all of your financial obligations and ensure that your student receives the support they need in reading. The pricing will be agreed upon before our first tutoring session begins. 


B​efore Our First Session:


If your student has already been diagnosed with dyslexia the very best course of action for your student is Take Flight dyslexia therapy. Please see the page on Take Flight for more information. Before we decide on what form of instruction is best for your student I will conduct an evaluation that covers all aspects of reading to ensure that we do not miss any area's that your student may struggle with. This evaluation will be done before we set up therapy sessions and will be at no cost to you.  


Is It A Good Fit?

Before I start working with your student it is important to make sure that we are a good match for one another and to ensure that the services I offer will provide your student with the support that they need to progress as readers and lifelong learners. Meeting with you and your student before we evaluate and start sessions is important. I have experience working with struggling readers from a variety of backgrounds, and a variety of other learning challenges like ADHD and Autism. I don't anticipate that your reader and I will not get along, sometimes it's just not a great fit and that is totally ok. I will not be offended if you choose not to move forward with me and I will not turn your reader away unless I feel that my services will truly not benefit them. As a parent there are many expenses in life so there is no reason for me to add to your expenses if I cannot support your child in the way that they need.


It's a Good Fit (YAY!)...What's Next?

If we decide to move forward then we will review my contract, sign it, and then set a date for the first session and sessions to follow.  


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